How deep for roots

Asked March 28, 2014, 11:42 AM EDT

I am planning on building table gardens for easier gardening with a worsening disability. I am wondering if you could answer a few questions. First, would I have to use potting soil or could I use some mixture of my current garden soil and mushroom soil, compost, sand, fertilizers and such, and would I have to change the soil completely each year or could I use some of it and replace some components each year? Alao, do you know of a good resource that I could use that would tell me how deep the tables would have to be for various garden vegetables (snap peas, cucumber, carrots, salad greens etc) Thank you, Jean Diehl

Dauphin County Pennsylvania

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Hi Jean:
For the plants you listed, the box depth would have to be 12-18 inches. I would use potting media for a bench. Your soil mix may have drainage issues in a bed. Also, don't use treated lumber. This link has more information: