where to purchase consumer size silicon based surfactant / adjuvant

Asked March 27, 2014, 4:11 PM EDT

Where can I purchase a small size (quart ?) seed oil/silicon mix based surfactant/adjuvant for adding to herbicide solution. I have herbaceous brush and ivy that is well established and need to aggressively treat. The local park and rec employee recommended a combination, and I have witnessed silicon based product work particularly well. But minimum quantities are ~1 gallon. Not only is this quite expensive, but I will use a fraction of that. Is there someplace to purchase this in a more reasonable quantity? - J

Washington County Oregon

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Not all adjuvants and/or surfactants which are useful with herbicides are available for homeowner use. This could be what you are finding with this combination. If a licensed applicator is required to apply a product, it often is available only in large quantity packaging.
Some of the "over-the-counter" herbicides have adjuvants/surfactants already in the formulations. Perhaps one will list this mixture which you desire?
I have not found University Extension Service publications with specific answers to your question. If you would like us to research this more, please respond back, and I'll request additional support.