Totally newbie farmer hunting for some direction and answers

Asked March 26, 2014, 3:37 PM EDT

We have a 14 acre farm in Boulder County that we are trying to turn back into a working farm but have so far not been able to find any resources on who could answer some general questions for us

Setting up a CSA in our county
Selling manure
Selling raw goat milk
Selling goat milk yogurt
Selling goat milk cheese
Selling goat meat
Selling rabbit meat
Selling poultry meat
Selling eggs

Boulder County Colorado

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Explore for the regulatory and food safety layer for sales of ag food items.

The raw milk association of Colorado is a good place for best practices:

Feel free to email me with additional questions. Adrian Card

Business planning is always advised and if you have no experience with these products and marketing channels, internship and apprenticeship are an important risk management strategy before embarking on an expensive enterprise.