Long term bean storage

Asked March 21, 2014, 7:04 PM EDT

Can you store beans for long term storage using a vacuum sealer as you would use oxygen eaters?


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You can, but you still risk the problem with bug growth and the beans growing old. After a period of time, (6 months to a year), the beans may start to grow pests, even if they are vacuum sealed. Also, as beans age, they get harder to cook. It seems they don't soften as well as they age. You can definitely store them this way, but I would recommend you use them up within a year for the best food preparation experience. I am including information from the US Dried Bean Council that you may find useful. Uncooked, dry beans should be stored in tightly sealed containers and kept in a cool, dry area. While storage time does not affect nutrient value, beans may require longer cook times as they age. Cooked beans, if refrigerated, will keep for up to five days in a covered container. Do not store beans in their original cooking pot! After cooking, place leftover beans in tightly covered containers to allow for proper cooling and storage. Cooked beans may also be frozen for later use.

Thank you for answering my question on vacuum sealing but will I have the same effect if I use oxygen eaters?

I would check out the Utah extension website: http://extension.usu.edu/foodstorage/htm/dry-beans. It has a great explanation. Yes, using the oxygen eaters will increase shelf life, but nutritional value is decreased in 2-3 years.