Asked March 18, 2014, 10:17 PM EDT

I am interested in starting a truffle farm, but am not sure if truffle oaks can be grown successfully in my area (the hills west of Monroe, OR). Wouls appreciate any info on this topic.

Benton County Oregon mushrooms

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There is a lot of talk and printed info about growing truffles in North America, but in fact almost nobody has actually produced truffles, and then only a very few.

It is extremely difficult to start a truffle farm in the Pacific Northwest, and no success has been shown here. One supplier sells pre-inoculated filbert trees, but nobody has yet to harvest anything from them. European truffles grow in a Mediterranean climate with roots of oak trees in calcareous lime soils which do not occur here naturally. Several truffle growing suppliers suggest using lime amendments. Only one person has produced only a handful under oaks, and then in the midwest and eastern seaboard. I have not heard of anyone trying to grow Northwest truffles, the edible species of which grow with conifers. Bottom line: We have the wrong climate and soil to attempt growing truffles under oaks.

Thank you so much! You just saved me a lot of money and effort.