fire blight or fungus on my pear and apple

Asked March 15, 2014, 12:04 AM EDT

Dear Experts.

Please help!! :)

my pear and apple are showing signs of a fungus and /or fire blight. can you check out the pictures please?? The lesions are more prominent on the pear (hosui) than on the Gala. I thought they might have winter/south damage due to being my only trees with full winter sun exposure also- so i tried the white latex paint trick. BARKing up the wrong tree perhaps.
The Gala was in a low spot in the yard, I have since transplanted it.
This spring I have drenched them both in a copper solution 2tsp to 1 gal. I also have the strep spray I intend to hit the pear with from bloom to bloom-drop every 4-5 days.
Please help me identify this so I know if I am doing the right things. Gala pictures attached. clay soil. secondary irrigation.
thanks :)

Salt Lake County Utah

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Those wounds on the twigs look like injury from pruning cuts that have not yet fully healed. The picture with the flaking bark is difficult to tell. If it is fire blight, then there would be dead buds and twigs above that area. It sounds like you are on the right track with the copper spray and strep (during bloom) to deal with fire blight. The next step would be to prune out any dead areas now, and continue to monitor the tree for shoot death from fire blight and prune them out as you see them all summer.