Peach Tree Leaf Curl

Asked March 14, 2014, 2:21 PM EDT

we have 2 peach trees that are 10 years old. One is heartier than the other, but they both seem to get beautiful leaves and buds, then the less heartier one gets some kind of leaf curl. It still produces fruit, but not as much and not as large.

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Some peach trees are quite susceptible to the fungus disease peach leaf curl which causes the leaves to become distorted and develop a yellow to reddish color. Our spring weather is very favorable to this common fungus. Affected leaves drop early while fully green ones don’t. If the tree loses all or most of its leaves for several successive years, it declines and may eventually die.

To help you verify if this disease is what’s affecting your tree, do an online search using the phrase “peach leaf curl” – but without the quotes.

Spraying during the dormant season can limit peach leaf curl but won’t stop it. Two spray treatments of copper or a good dormant fungicide are recommended for our region: the first at 50% leaf fall (late October), the second at delayed dormant (usually in late February) before floral buds open. Most local garden centers carry such products. The sprays must be applied each year.

Or, you might want to consider replacing it with a more tolerant kind. Tolerant peach or nectarine cultivars listed in our official resource are which are offered by a variety of west coast nurseries are 'Autumn Rose', 'August Etter', 'Avalon', 'Avalon Pride', 'Charlotte', 'Early Charlotte', 'Early Crawford', 'Frost', 'Indian Free', 'Kreibich', 'Muir', 'Nanaimo', 'Oregon Curl Free', and 'Q-1-8'.

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