Pumpkin Sprouts

Asked March 12, 2014, 11:00 PM EDT

I started my pumpkin seeds indoors about 2 weeks ago. They have begun to sprout. After three days or so they got really tall. Now the tall sprouts are slumped over and although I have them in the window and give plenty of water they are not standing up again. They are in about 3 inches of soil. Is this normal for them to slump like this? Do they need deeper soil? Are they dying? We are still getting cold nights off and on so I cannot plant them outdoors yet.

Fulton County Georgia horticulture

2 Responses

From your picture I would say there are 2 possibilities
1. Not enough light so the seedlings are getting leggy - Don't forget pumpkins grow outside in full sunlight.
2 To much nitrogen fertilizer can also make they leggy looking but I think it is probably the above answer.

If they are drooping - his can be cause by 2 items
1. Over watering can do this -
2. They are so leggy that the stem can't support the weight and they are dropped over because of lack of stem support.

Give them more light and don't over water is my answer to you

Thanks David. I believe it is probably a combination of them both. When the first one sagged I though they needed water so I gave them another big drink. Didn't bother me because the others we still standing tall. Came home today and more are drooping. Its been cold so can't move outside yet. Will get them to a window in full sunlight tomorrow.
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your help to me. I will keep you posted :)