cross polinization of blueberry plants

Asked March 12, 2014, 4:11 PM EDT

I bought 3 Bluecrop blueberry bushes (Arandano Bluecrop) and popped them in the ground before reading up carefully - they need a cross polinator. For my 3, How many cross-polinators? In what proximity should they (or it) be planted? The three are planted in a sheltered area where wind swirls but is basically from the SSW, with good morning sun and healthy well drained, well composted soil.

Marion County Oregon

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I included links to a pair of publications on cultivation of blueberries in the home garden. Cross pollination will improve fruit set and as the publications point out, use of most any other highbush blueberry cultivar will effect cross pollination and potential expand your season of harvest. Have a look at these and please feel free to write with questions.
Growing blueberries in the home garden:;jsessionid=7FE08EB8C3...
Blueberry cultivars for the Pacific Northwest:

Thanks for the quick response. Have read your links and bookmarked them for future use. The pruning info is especially pertinent. I think this year, I will forgo purchase of a cross-polinator while we see if these three "take". I also don't have room for a 4th plant unless I give up my strawberries (not an option). Btb, both my sons attended OSU, grad. 2011 and 2013 (Engr.). Happy Gardening!


You might consider putting that 4th plant in a container, if there's room...

good suggestion, I'll keep it on file if the three survive. Have been transplanting strawberry runners today, huff puff. Rain coming, will soak everyone's roots. Thanks for your help. Cheers!