lawn problems, how do I synchronize?

Asked March 12, 2014, 8:08 AM EDT

I have major problems with my lawn (@ 1.5 acres) I have crabgrass, white grubs, and would like to overseed after aerating ( I have an aerator). I am not sure what to do first and to make sure one tx does not counteract another. Can you assist by providing a "plan of attack" with approximation of time frames? THANKS Rick Shaw

New Castle County Delaware

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Crabgrass is an annual grass that can be controlled in spring by putting down a preemergent herbicide in April (about the time forsythia is in bloom). White grubs overwinter as almost mature larvae and do very little feeding in the spring and early summer. Then they emerge as beetles. They lay eggs in mid-summer and the small larvae feed voraciously in late summer, which is the best time to control them by using a grub insecticide. Remember 5-6 grubs per square foot is normal, and doesn't necessitate control. The best time to aerate is when grass roots are actively growing, which is the early fall. Late summer to early fall is also the best time to overseed. You can't overseed in the spring anyway, if you are using a crabgrass preemergent. So, control the crabgrass first, then control grubs (if necessary) in mid-late summer. Then aerate and overseed in late summer to early fall.