Asked March 11, 2014, 6:31 PM EDT

Is there a place in Yamhill county where I can buy some red wiggler worms for composting?

Yamhill County Oregon

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Thank you for your question,

I was unable to find a local supplier for worms, here is an article on locating a source,
Hope this helps!

Composting with Worms, EM 9034, Oct 2011

Where do I get the worms?
You can get red wiggler worms from a variety of
sources. You can find commercial worm growers
(vermiculturists) online who provide a mail-order
service. Whenever you buy worms, whether from
a commercial or private source, be sure to check
that they are selling the right species (you want
Eisenia fetida); the seasonal availability (since worms
are most active during spring, summer, and fall);
and their shipping methods. Also be aware that
the pound of worms you order may not contain
1,000 worms—some bedding will be in the mix.
Order only from reputable suppliers, and be sure to
research their cultural methods (such as how they
raise the worms and what and how they feed them).
Check whether other customers have been pleased
with their products.
Other sources of worms you may consider
include your outdoor compost or manure pile, a
friend or neighbor’s vermicompost bin, your local
Extension Master Gardener program, or a local
solid waste district. Remember that the common
earthworm or European nightcrawler (Lumbricus
terrestris) is a subterranean, burrowing worm and is
not the worm you want for vermicomposting.