Asked March 11, 2014, 1:39 PM EDT

How to effectively clean and sanitize barns to protect worker from contracting Coccideomycossis from legion poop?

Polk County Oregon

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Often when I get questions like this I find myself wanting more information to better understand the situation and this is no different. However, I can say generically removing the manure from the barn with tractors or by hand with a shovel is considered safe. Using protective clothing like rubber boots and gloves are also a good idea and washing your hands well when you are done. Once the barn is cleaned of manure, it can be pressure washed and treated with a sanitizer you get at your local farm store if you really think you need to go that far. Animals get this typically from contaminated feed. So designing the barn so that feed can be offered free of manure contact and plenty of clean bedding will also help.