We have a new construction home, which the builder seeded in early December....

Asked March 9, 2014, 4:08 PM EDT

We have a new construction home, which the builder seeded in early December. Much of the straw covering has blown away and we are left with, after all the snow melted, well, mud (clay and rocks). The builder assures us grass will grow, but I'm a bit concerned on that issue. What action would you suggest? Should we wait and see what comes up as spring progresses? Should we overseed now? I have read your HG102 publication on establishing a lawn and I plan to do a soil test but probably can't afford to cover most of the acreage with 2"-4" of organic matter let alone keep it all watered (we have a well). I don't need a perfect green lawn. I can coexist with dandelions and clover though perhaps not with crabgrass, ugh, but I need get something to grow. Your insight would be appreciated! Thanks for your time!

Carroll County Maryland lawns and turf overseeding

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The ideal time to seed a lawn is between August 15th and September 15th, your contractor missed this date by a couple of months. However, all is not lost the second best time to seed is in early spring, like right now! Do you know the seed mixture used by the contractor? Was a soil test taken? Has there any germination at all.?
A starter fertilizer may need to be applied for better seed germination, a mixture of turf,type tall fescue and perhaps the addition of perennial ryegrass will help provide a quicker cove, the addition of a straw mulch will assure better germination by preventing the area from drying out. Give us a call so these variables can be discussed.
We can also address a weed control strategy at this time.