What is the closest Edible bean to a Soybean that you can find in the store?

Asked March 9, 2014, 9:43 AM EDT

This has Nothing to do with flavor just Plant Structure.
What is the closest Edible bean to a Soybean that you can find in the grocery store?

If I had to guess I would say lima-bean; am I right???

Genesee County Michigan

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I do not really understand your question. Are you looking for a tall upright bean plant? Dry edible beans are navy beans, black beans, kidney beans, cranberry beans, pinto beans, yellow eyes, small reds etc…all can be found in the store sometimes. They are all the same species …..Phaseolus vulgaris . Some of these classes have varieties with upright growth characteristics so farmers can direct harvest them like soybeans. Zorro black beans are a common upright variety. Green beans or snap beans are Phaseolus vugaris also. Soybeans are the species Glycine max. Lima beans are the species Phaseolus lumatus. There are also fava beans and faba beans that grow tall. There are many other beans as well. If I knew why you are asking your question maybe I could give you a more direct response. Please call if you desire more information. (989) 875 5293

What Bean that you find in the store looks the most like a soybean in the field; while growing before it is harvested?

If I had to guess; I woud say lima bean!!!

AM I right or no???

No you are not correct. A soybean is an erect type plant with a strong main stem. A lima bean is more like a vine with a weak stem. Many times lima beans sometime to support it. Some of the newer dry bean varieties have an upright erect structure but still not as tall as a soybean. Leaves are simular for all of the beans.

I want to grow a bean this year in the garden... but I want to grow one of the common beans.... that the Plant looks most like a soybean plant!!! Should I grow a dry bean then???

What is the reason for growing the bean plant??? If you want a plant that looks likes a soybean why not plant a soybean??? What are you going to do with it??? If you will eat it it makes a big difference. You can call me on my cell if you like 989 763 7255

That's why I was asking here so other's can learn;
and yes I do plan to Eat it!
thats why I was asking professionl's!!!

If you plan to eat it then in my mind it would make sense to plant the type of bean that you wanted to eat ...Lima, black bean, food grade edible soybean, etc. ... I do not understand the importance of looking like a soybean. It is very difficult to respond to your question......I do not understand your thought process and selection criteria.