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Asked March 7, 2014, 3:36 PM EST

I know this is a little odd, but there seems to be many more raptors about than usual. I live in Broomfield, and naturalist leaning friends in Louisville and Gunbarrel both agree, this Fall/Winter has had a remarkable number of raptors present along our little section of the Front Range.

I studied Biology in school, and would say that I am a reasonably well trained observer; and I have never seen this many species or individuals in many decades living in this area.

The question is; are we the only ones noticing this? Do you think they are following food, or foraging? Since they seem to have appeared after the flood, does that event figure in? (habitat?)

With thanks, Kurt Gray

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I would recommend contacting the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife in your area The CP&W often track birds of prey. Here is the URL to the CP&W web site contact list.


The flood may have changed some birds patterns. I wonder if the weather in the north and east have moved some birds west to an easier climate this winter. I have seen reports that the Snowy Owl has moved south farther than normal this year.

You might also contact the Audubon Society to see what their winter bird observations were.

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