recommended storage times for fresh and frozen meats, vegs, various dairy products

Asked March 7, 2014, 9:05 AM EST

I would like some guide lines on the recommended retention times for keeping various foods such as veggies, meats, dairy products in a fridge as well as how long those products may be kept frozen. Our church kitchen rescues food from various sources for use in a soup kitchen and homeless shelter where we provide meals and food to those in need. We want to develop and establish some guidelines for the kitchen volunteer teams to follow using your recommendations. Any publications from your department and/or other food safety experts would be appreciated. My name is Evans Shearon - my cell is 302-841-3071 - my email address is noted below. Thank You

Sussex County Delaware food safety food

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Thanks for your question. The information can be found at:
Note that these timeframes reflect both food safety as well as product quality concerns. So something may not be "bad" from a food safety perspective, the product quality may be diminished over long periods of time.

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