pole barn construction

Asked March 4, 2014, 7:16 PM EST

I am looking for to build a simple barn from round logs
and understand that some building plans are available for such a structure.
Please advise


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Are you looking for primitive log barn or a mortise and tenon style barn?

Much appreciate your response ! ….
A ‘primitive’ type barn … suitable for high winds … would assume put together with a machine-type bolt and nut … (?)

I am having trouble finding plans for a primitive log barn. Because of a rather inefficient use of wood and dubious strength of the structure, it usually requires a specialized plan. I did find several links to plans that you can look over to see if something meets your needs.





Many THANKS again for your time and efforts ...
Same problem I ran into before I contacted you indirectly ...
Looked through the links --- NOT what I am looking for ...
In many areas the 'old' information disappears --- often way superior to the "new" ... SAME in Medicine, Nutrition and many areas of Science ...