An animal made his home in our drain field. It looks as if a family has...

Asked March 1, 2014, 3:30 PM EST

An animal made his home in our drain field. It looks as if a family has settled there. There are quite a few holes with a diameter of 5-7". We had a person from pest control who set out traps, but nothing was caught. We do not know what to do except contact another company and pay another $500 for nothing. What can we do?

Talbot County Maryland

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You might consider looking for tracks to determine which animal is digging. There are many animal track identification guides online. If you cannot see tracks in soil, you could sprinkle flour or lime and look for the tracks in it. Are these deep holes? Skunks will make many relatively shallow holes when looking for grubs. There is quite a bit of information at the following site that will help you identify your animal and thereby come up with a way of getting rid of it. It is possible that there had been a groundhog ( ) there and now a fox ( ) has taken over its residence. Different animals will require different traps. Some people put out cameras to see what animal is digging. One possibility would be to fill in all the holes with loose soil. If the critter comes back, it should leave tracks in the soil. If you have a ground hog, you can buy a trap from a garden center or hardware store. Put the trap right next to a hole and put logs or boards around on all other sides of the hole to divert the groundhog into the hole. Bait the trap with fresh fruits and vegetables. There are usually local laws preventing the transport of wildlife because of rabies. One way of killing a trapped animal is to drop the cage which holds the animal into a trashcan filled with soapy water. Some people are very opposed to killing wildlife. It is unlikely that the animals that are digging will hurt your drain field. Some people would prefer to live with them than to kill them. vw