Goats / Sheep per acre

Asked February 28, 2014, 10:06 AM EST

I ive in the San Angelo area.
I have about 25 acres. Very good top soil no rocks. It is along the river. About 18 acres is improved and about 8 acres of mesquite.
If I improve the open area with the proper goat forage how may goats and or sheep can I run per acre?
The area will be cross fenced.

Tom Green County Texas sheep goats

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There is no standard answer for your question as it depends in the amount of forage produced by your improved pasture. It will require some local spacific knowledge. I would suggest you contact the Tom Green County Extension agent: Josh Blanek, 325.659.6524, j-blanek@tamu.eduOther resoruces include your local Natural Resource Conservation Service.For starters on the improved pastures 7 goats equal to 1 cow.