please identity two items for me: one insect, one coconut?

Asked February 27, 2014, 5:42 PM EST

I've attached two images that I would like identified. First is an image is of some insects. The second one is of a coconut or something. We have two that look exactly the same. Both were found 500 yards apart on opposite sides of the stream that runs through the Cherry Creek Reservoir. These are about 6" in diameter. I was wondering if the flooding in the fall washed them in from some where else? Funny place to find coconuts. Thanks!!

Arapahoe County Colorado

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That is an excellent photograph of newly hatched leaf feeding plant bug nymphs of the Hemiptera order, a classification that contains over 50,000 insects.

Please refer to the link below for additional photographs of the nymphs hatching from their egg cases. On that website scroll down to see pictures of them emerging and also several photos showing their piercing-sucking mouth parts. That is how they feed and ultimately damage their plant host.

The other two photographs do appear to be coconuts. I'm not aware of anything growing in our area that looks like them.