We have peach trees. They are great shade trees and produce lots of fruit,...

Asked February 27, 2014, 4:33 PM EST

We have peach trees. They are great shade trees and produce lots of fruit, but we never get any of it because of a combination of bugs and fungus. The invasive "stink bugs" may be involved, too. Others in my family want to cut them down. I want to try to save these trees. We have not consulted any experts about it yet.

Howard County Maryland

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It is extremely difficult to successfully harvest peaches in our area, primarily because insects and disease will eventually find your trees. However, it is possible to successfully harvest peaches if you engage in a disciplined regimen of spraying the trees with insecticides and fungicides at the proper times.
You may also want to consider pruning the trees in order to provide more sunlight and air circulation through the trees. This can minimize the incidence of fungal disease.
You are invited to call our toll free number, discuss the program with one of our consultants and request one of the few remaining free copies of our fruit production guide which includes the spray schedule and recommended products.
And, you are right about the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. They do love peaches, and currently there is no effective control available to homeowners. BMSB populations seem to be localized, so they may not be a threat to your trees.