Weed killer spray used by lawncompany

Asked February 27, 2014, 2:21 PM EST

Our lawn company sprayed a weed killer, pre-emergent, on Friday afternoon. By 3am my dog was engulfed in a severe pancreatic frenzy and bled out and died last night. I did not know they were going to spray anything but when the surgeon opened up my dog she said the quantity of the organs affected by ulcers in the stomach and pancreas point toward chemical poisoning. My other dog was at the groomer and has not become sick. However, all the lawn people say is the product is "safe" for pets. Can someone test my grass if I pay because I find it very coincidental my dog got sick within 24 hrs of this spraying. Is there a way to determine if what they claim they sprayed is actually what was sprayed on the yard? Are these chemicals really safe? Nothing in my animals environment changed except the chemicals used on the lawn. Please help answer my question if you can. I am not looking to prosecute anyone I just want my remaining animals safe as well as those of my neighbors. Thank you for any assistance you can offer me.

Denton County Texas

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I would recommend that you contact Texas Department of Agriculture and file a complaint with them to find out what your lawn company put on the yard.


That's the best answer that I have, that is their responsibility to check out those type issues.

So sorry about your dog and let me know if I can assist you further.