Starting and funding a livestock farm

Asked February 21, 2014, 12:20 AM EST

My family owns 21 acres of land in Herrick Center, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania. I own a meat distribution company and want to start a chicken farm on that land. I need to be guided in the right direction on 1. How to raise the capital needed. 2. How to start the farm from idea, to paper, to execution. 3. What resources are available. 4. What are the laws and regulations involved. 5. Budgeting. 6. Forecasting Expenses and Profits. 7. What equipment would be needed. 8. What does it take to manage and run a successful and profitable farm. 9. How much land is needed. Any other insight and information would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

Susquehanna County Pennsylvania poultry beginning farmer farm business plans

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All of this is usually formed in a business plan that you would present to bankers or investors to the project. has sample plans available.

Please also see our website:

Take a look at these resources and call me about developing a plan and see what is possible.

Thanks, G.

Dr. Martin,
Thank you for your prompt response.
I own a small business and have made business plans, models, presentations for investors, forecasts... before.
I need information about farming as a business.
I also need information on any government or private funds that can be secured for a farm.
The business plan is the easy part. I already know the plan, I need information specifically about farming and grants available for small farms.
Thank you,

There are three areas besides small business administration. You can try Fed Service Agency (FSA):
17089 STATE ROUTE 706, STE 3
(570) 278-1011 x 4
(855) 836-9214 fax

They have a beginning farming program.

Sustainable Ag Info service has links to their Grant programs:

list of USDA Rural Development Grants is at

And, you can contact Farm Credit Association for farming loan program information:
24668 Route 6
Towanda, PA 18848
Phone: (570) 265-8161
Toll Free: (800) 277-6234
Fax: (570) 265-4572
thanks, G.