Rubber Mulch

Asked February 17, 2014, 12:51 PM EST

Have you heard anything about rubber mulch stopping growth to plants and flowers? Is there a significant difference between rubber and wood mulch?

Louisa County Virginia

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Dear person,
Rubber mulch has become a somewhat popular mulch medium due to it's "forever" qualities". By the same token, because it lasts "forever" it is not as beneficial to plants as organic mulch such as wood-chips. Organic mulch bio-degrades which adds organic matter and nutrients to the soil. Organic mulch also does a better job of moderation soil temperature and conserving soil moisture.
To answer the question of rubber mulch retarding growth... no, I have not heard or seen this to be the case. It's just that it's not quite a beneficial to a plant or planting as organic mulch.
If you haven't already run across this resource, you may find it helpful.