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Asked February 15, 2014, 4:34 PM EST

Hello, I am teaching a unit on plants to my second grade students and would like to include information about local plants in Southern Oregon. Do you have any resources that you recommend specifically for children? Thank you so much! --Carly Price

Jackson County Oregon science education horticulture

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I didn't have personal knowledge about plant resources for younger school kids, so I reached out to two outstanding local environmental educators, both of whom offered to help if you have additional questions. They are:

Kristi Reynolds, Environmental Education and Interpretation Consultant
kjm01001@yahoo.com, 541-778-0597, https://www.facebook.com/kristijo.reynolds

Rachel A. Werling, OSU Extension Natural Resources Education,
(541) 776-7371 ext. 216
(541) 690-5830 (cell), Rachel.Werling@oregonstate.edu

Both Kristi and Rachel recommend you look into the SOU SEEC education kits - information at http://www.sou.edu/ee/edoutreach.html.

Further, Kristi's response was:

I have some great suggestions for teacher Carly Price.
SOU EE department has an education kit on Rogue Valley plants: http://www.sou.edu/ee/edoutreach.html#plants

SOREEL (Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders) is presenting a workshop in March on native plants. We have Stacy Moore from the Institute of Applied Ecology presenting Salmonberry to Sagebrush. I'll provide a flyer as soon as Rebecca finishes it (this week). The workshop is March 13th from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Rogue River Elementary School and includes curriculum.

The Siskiyou chapter of the Native Plant Society have created some nice local field guides

One other suggestion - have her contact me and I can send out her request to my August Institute teachers.

Kristi Reynolds
Finally, I have a document from Rachel - Southern Oregon Nature Teaching Resources for Educators - that I could email you if you contact me directly at robert.reynolds@oregonstate.edu.

Good luck with your unit and I'll bet your second graders really enjoy it.

Thank you so much! Your response was extremely helpful. I will utilize the resources that you provided. Thanks again!