Starting a new organic farm

Asked February 12, 2014, 10:43 AM EST

I was hoping to meet with someone and bounce our new farming endeavor off them. I am looking for soil core testing and seed preservation options.

Erie County Pennsylvania

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When wanting to meet with others to float your ideas, it can be very helpful to find organized groups with similar interests or expertise. Here are some for you to consider:

Penn State Extension: Local agents and educators are usually well-connected with regional resources. This link is for the staff directory in Erie County:

Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture Association (PASA): PASA is a member-based sustainable farming organization offering educational resources and support for farmers interested in organic systems.
- Home page:
- Information and resources page:
- To subscribe to a blog of the Western Region of PASA, send an email to:

As to your specific questions about soil testing and seed preservation, here are a couple of resources:

Penn State soil fertility testing:

Article from University of Illinois, “Seed Collecting and Storing”:

Organic Seed Alliance: “A Seed Saving Guide for Gardeners and Farmers”:,cntnt01,download_form,0&cntnt01pid=12&cntnt01returnid=139

Hope this helps!