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Asked February 10, 2014, 8:20 PM EST

I was referred to you by the Extension Agent in Delaware. They don't have any experience with the types of Tower Gardening systems that are on this website www.futuregrowing.com. I was wondering if you have any experience with these. They are in use at Living Towers Farm & The GreenHouse in Central FLA among many other locations according to their website.

Sussex County Delaware

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Yes, I have experience with these vertical growing systems and I hope I will be of use concerning your next question.
Dr. Ogutu

Is there one in Southern DE that we can visit?

What are the common pests in Southern DE / Northeastern MD other than deer?

This is a picture fo the ones we are looking at.....

Other than weather what are the issues with having these outside not enclosed in a greenhouse?

Are there any particular crops you have in mind in relation to pests in Southern Delaware and Northern Maryland?

In connection to the vertical hydroponic systems- problems could result from poor ventillation with overgrown plants, root pruning of some plants is essential to prevent the clogging of the system. In this system- water contamination with any disease innoculants spreads very fast. I have not seen tower gardens around delaware but I have worked with in the Mid-west- specifically Kansas and Missouri.