Multiflora Rose - How to kill it

Asked February 10, 2014, 10:37 AM EST

I have Multiflora Rose throughout my 21 acres of jig hay and around the pine trees. It's February, and it's still green, mostly sprigs through the field, with a few big patches, but big patches on the fences. What is the best product to use to kill it? Best way to apply it? Best time of year? I don't want to kills the pine trees. I wanted to tackle this before spring, if possible.

Montgomery County Texas

1 Response

If you are up and around the trees, I would stay away form Grazon P+D. Remedy will control the rose but your most effective application time is in the fall going into dormancy. You could use PAstureGuard in the spring witch will control broad leaf weeds and work on the rose some but focus on the fall application.