We purchases ten acres of land 4 years ago. At that time the neighbors said...

Asked February 9, 2014, 2:25 PM EST

We purchases ten acres of land 4 years ago. At that time the neighbors said they had never seen the land flood. Our land has creeks that run in a "Y" shape where our house sits in the top of the "y"....and our land has flooded every year since we have been here. Approximately half of the land is wooded with 3 acres of pasture for our 2 horses. The flooding is causing poor pasture grass and our trees are dying out...although the creek continues a strong current even when not over it's banks. We believe the flooding is worsening year to year due to surrounding farm lands being tiled and drained into the creeks that run across our land. Is there anything we can do other than keep our creeks on our property cleared out? Is there anything like a windmill or watermill that would be beneficial for your extension office to put on our property? We just hate to see the woods go to waste and the water being polluted by farm chemicals. We do not allow our horses to drink from it for fear it is bad although we have not had it tested. We have even had people come look to see if any of the standing walnut trees were of value before they rot but they are not large enough we were told. Any suggestions? Anyone from OSU is welcome to come take a walk through our property to evaluate and utilize our situation as a training/learning tool. We just hate to see it go to waste and know no one would want to buy it this way if we decided to sell anyway. Thank you so much. I have attached pics of both sides and back of house plus inside barn. Mrs. T. Kelly

Morrow County Ohio

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Mrs. Kelly,

I am not sure what can be done. Where is the property located? Based on local rainfall reports we have had larger rainfall events. This has caused more localized flooding the last few years. Flooding can also be a symptom of both upstream and downstream changes in the watershed.

Have you contacted the Morrow County Soil & Water Conservation District? 419-946-7923 morrowsw@redbird.net They handle issues with water and drainage.

You can also reach me at the local Extension Office. My contact info is below.