Care of Honeylocust

Asked February 8, 2014, 4:05 PM EST

I have a 40 ' Honeylocust (18 inch diameter) with many dead branches. It comes back every year with a good canopy but the dead branches are very obvious. I have noticed squirrels stripping the bark off branches only assuming that they are eating the bark. Could this allow a disease to affect my tree more easily or is this common enough that the tree has adapted to this treatment?

Denver County Colorado trees and shrubs

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Hi there -

Whenever there are dead branches in a tree's canopy it is recommended to prune them out to improve tree health and reduce and risk of them breaking and falling. Yes, squirrels can be destructive to trees. In the summer, a squirrel normally eats fruits, berries and succulent plants, and, when available, fungi, insects, animal matter and corn. During the winter, when stored food runs short, squirrels may eat bark. In the spring, squirrels prefer swelling tree buds. There is no easy way to get rid of squirrels.