Black Raspberry Crazy Ants

Asked February 6, 2014, 7:59 AM EST

I've been told by a bug guy that I have Black Raspberry Crazy Ants. I get them by my sliding glass door, my bathroom (that has a window) , and a by my front door. I've been using grocery store bug spray and all the ants that I see are dead, but they just don't go away! I sweep them up everyday. Is there some kind of bait to put around my house to kill them before they come in??

Volusia County Florida

1 Response

There is no "black raspberry crazy ant"!!! You have some bad information.

Here in Florida there are 2 "crazy ants" that usually cause problems. The "crazy ant" (sometimes here at UF we refer to these now as "black crazy ants" to differentiate them from other crazy ants) ( has been around for a long time. For the last 8-10 years we have been invaded by a different species of ants, the "tawny crazy ant" ( This ant was initially called "Caribbean crazy ant" but that name should not be used anymore, even though some of our UF publications still use that wrong name. The Tawny crazy ant is the same ant that was called "Rasberry crazy ant" in Texas. That name should not be used anymore either. "Rasberry" (no "p") referred to the pest control operator that first saw this ant in Texas.

Applications of residual sprays just around the rouse will not control this ant. See some suggestions for control in the publication mentioned above ( Contracting a professional pest management company is recommended for these cases.