Angel's Trumpets

Asked February 5, 2014, 11:39 PM EST

I am rooting several cuttings of Angel's Trumpets in my basement. They are doing very well and have established good root systems and leaves. The problem with the plants is that they are attracting lots of tiny brown bugs or mites. I have tried using a combination of Daconil® and Ortho® RosePride® without success. These creatures do not seem to be harming the plants at the present time. What do you recommend I use to rid them of the plants?

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Look at your insect with a magnifying glass. If it has eight legs, it is a mite. If it has six legs, it is an insect. When you water your cuttings, take them to the sink or shower and wash all the leaves carefully. If weekly washing does not eliminate your critters, look in a garden center for an insecticidal soap that is labeled for use on houseplants. If the insecticidal soap does not work, look for a systemic insecticide or miticide (depending on which you have) that is labeled for houseplants. Another possibility would be to wash weekly and then try to get them outside as soon as possible so that predators can help you out. vw