Ash Bore prevention

Asked February 5, 2014, 9:51 AM EST

I live about 13 miles (as the crow flies) of Waterloo. I have 6 ash trees in my yard that are about 25 years old. I live on an acreage that is about a half mile away from the nearest timber ground and 3 miles from the nearest town. How do I know if I should be treating my trees and what to use if treatment is necessary? I would really hate to lose these trees.

Black Hawk County Iowa

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Thanks for contacting eXtension with this question. Since you are within 15 miles of the latest emerald ash borer infested site of Waterloo, preventive treatments for your ash trees can begin THIS SPRING (mid-April to mid-May).

If the tree size is 60" circumference (20" diameter) or smaller, you should be able to apply a soil drench method this spring. OR if your trees are 36" circumference (12" diameter), you could use a granular treatment. Either one must be done every year. Please refer to the attached publication for details.

If your trees are larger than 60" circumference (20" diameter) or if the tree(s) are near a sensitive site (surface water, well head, flowering shrubs, etc.) or have restricted root zone (not enough place to put the product on the soil), you will need to contact a certified pesticide applicator in your area. They can trunk inject the trees to protect them for one year or two (Tree-Age treatment).

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Pesticide Bureau has databases with certified applicators. Below is a link to Black Hawk County, Waterloo companies. You will need to look through the list and find those certified in categories 2, 3O or 3OT.