Non-Formal Environmental Education Best Practices

Asked February 4, 2014, 2:36 PM EST

I am wanting to run non-formal Environmental Education programs worldwide for school aged students and focused on outdoor activities with minimal material requirements. I would liked to be steered towards already existing materials and or organizations considered to possess best practices, thank you.

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A good place to start is our 4-H program and the science and technology person.

Jim Kahler
National Program Leader, STEM, Agricultural Science & Technology
4-H National Headquarters, Division of Youth & 4-H
Institute of Youth, Family & Community, NIFA, USDA
Phone: 202-690-1568 (direct line); 202-720-2908 (main office); 202-720-9366 (fax)

Mailing Address: 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Mail Stop 2250, Washington, DC 20250
Shipping Address: 800 9th Street, SW, Waterfront Centre, Rm 4401, Washington, DC 20024

And our 4-H foundation person
Beth Hecht
Customer Relations Coordinator
National 4-H Council

A knowledgeable volunteer in the DC area
Tom Tate
Tom Tate []
(240) 475-0273