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how to measure phytotoxicity of newer herbicide.

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I'm not sure what you mean by measuring phytotoxicity. The labeled rate usually is a good measure of the phytotoxicity. The labeled rate generally is the minimum dose that will provide consistent weed control under a range of conditions.

thank you for kind suggestion here i want to clear the mean of phytotoxicity bcz we are going to discover newer molecules of herbicides in our R&D centre so before designing of compound its must to knowing about the phytotoxic effect of particular compound.

One method commonly used is to construct dose response curves. This paper describes the method:

Knezevic, S. Z., P. H. Sikkema, F. Tardif, A. S. Hamill, K. Chandler, and C. J. Swanton. 1998. Biologically effective dose and selectivity of RPA 201772 (isoxaflutole) for preemergence weed control in corn (Zea mays). Weed Technol. 12:670–676.

Oops, wrong article, this is the one I was referring to:

Knezevic, S. Z., J. C. Streibig, and C. Ritz. 2007. Utilizing R software package for dose-response studies: the concept and data analysis. Weed Technol. 21:840–848.