Product to kill huge area of ivy -

Asked January 31, 2014, 4:35 PM EST

We live in the Lewisburg area N of Corvallis. We have very large plots of ivy which is impractical to even try to pull. A company ON TRACK has sprayed ivy on our neighbors property several times and the result seems to be quite good. In checking with On Track, the products they can use are Roundup or Triclopur(sp?). All properties in our community are on wells and there is a little winter creek that runs through the back of our property. Are the two mentioned chemicals safe to be used above wells and close to a stream? Any other ways to rid property of ivy? It is entangled through many oak trees so mechanical means would be difficult to operate. Thank you for any advice and help you have to offer.

Benton County Oregon

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As with all chemical application the first rule is "Read and follow the Label".There are several products that contain Triclopyr and are available for purchase and use by home owner. Some of these are formulated to use near or in water (lakes, pond, streams, etc),The products that contain Triclopyr also have other ingredients that will be listed on the product label with directions and warnings for that specific product. All of these products are herbicides designed to control woody plants, like English Ivy.Here is an Oregon State University publication that will give you more information on Triclopyr. are numerous factors that would be required when considering the impact of any herbicide on a well. The product itself and all of the ingredients, the depth of the water the water source, the well itself, and soil.When using any product containing Triclopyr caution should be used around woody plants that you want to keep.