bluestem grass hay

Asked January 31, 2014, 12:54 PM EST

I see varieties of Bluestem hay available such as Gordo and Medio but cannot find much info on them and if they are good for horses.

Travis County Texas

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These grasses are bunch grasses and, therefore, are more sensitive to overuse, trampling, and mudding-in (pugging) than bermudagrass. Grazing management is definitely more important with these grasses than with bermudagrass because they do not recover as well as bermudagrass after short-grazing and trampling. Because of their consistently medium to low quality, supplemental feed is often needed. That consistency may be one of the greatest advantages for horses because wide swings in quality are unusual. These grasses require three to ten times more acreage per horse unit for the same forage equivalent than properly managed improved grasses that are well fertilized.