Dog Urine Resistant Grass Seed

Asked January 30, 2014, 9:28 PM EST

I live in an apartment building for the elderly and people with disabilities and am a Resident Leader here. We have a problem with our small (about 20' x 20') lawn because there are several dogs in the building who urinate on it and, of course, it kills the grass. Last summer, we re-sodded, and it was beautiful, but soon, we ended up with the horrible brown spots all over our yard. Is there a variety of grass seed that is resistant to the affects of dog urine? We have come close to banning dogs from our courtyard, but nobody wants to take that hardline step, because we all consider the dogs to be a part of our "family".

Denver County Colorado

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Dog urine on grass is a difficult problem to control. There is really no type of grass that is resistant to the effects of the urine. Also, if dogs are allowed to urinate in the same spot, over time there will be a buildup of salt in the soil, making it difficult for anything at all to grow in that spot.

Is there possibly an area nearby that is covered with gravel or small rocks? Maybe an area near your parking lot that is mostly weeds? If so, would it be feasible to ask the residents to train their dogs to use that area? Dogs can be trained to use the same spot every time they go out, and if they are on a leash, it should be easy to take them to a particular spot.

Also, if your residents would simply apply some water to the affected area after the dog has been there, that would help to dilute the urine. This would be difficult to do in the winter, but taking a hose and flushing the area with water in the warmer months may help.

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