what type of grass or cover crop

Asked January 30, 2014, 11:12 AM EST

I have a large space in my back yard where we did have a garden.The soil is rich and stays moist as we are on the way to Falls lake.I have plowed up the garden and wonder what best to seed it with. Something will grow ,I think, even if i do nothing- What seed combo would be best. basically we just cut it as needed..Thanks, Lewis kaye

Wake County North Carolina

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I am not sure what your goal is for this space. Do you want a permanent cover or do you want to improve the soil for future gardening efforts? Do you want the best lawn grass or just a more natural look? If you just want a cover that is good for the soil, a white clover mixed with bermuda (if in full sun) would do well providing cover but the clover and bermuda can be persistent. If you want a good looking lawn, then just plant a warm season lawn like centipede or bermuda (zoysia sod). If it's moist enough you might get fescue to establish, but this is planted in the fall. You could do a wildflower mix, and mow a time or two during the season. Lots of options depending on what you want to do.