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Asked January 27, 2014, 9:03 PM EST

I am in the process of trying to write for a grant for help in providing a nutrition program for our 3rd graders at Kennedy school in Dubuque. Our school lunch provides a good lunch for our kids, but I notice that they eat very little and their choices usually do not include the vegetables and fruit. They are not open to new foods introduced to them. I would like them to be involved in gardening, but in the past I tried that, and to run it over the summer is very difficult. Would there be available a garden in the community that they could work in during the school hours? Then participate in the harvest in the Fall and/or help with the gardening during the summer on a volunteer bases? I was also thinking of a way to introduce them to trying different vegetables or nutritious food options. I read where schools could have chefs (cooks) come in to demonstrate and share foods with the kids. I am also open to other ideas. If I would receive the grant it would be for about 200.00, so we could pay for some programs. I would be very thankful for any ideas or resources you may have. Thank you, Sally Perlewitz

Dubuque County Iowa

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Hi Sally, Thanks for contacting ISU Extension and Outreach. I share your enthusiasm for helping young people make better food choices as they form lifelong habits. You asked about a community garden that your students might be able to work in....I am going to refer you to Brittany Bethel, Regional Foods Coordinator, about this as its her area of work. She is housed in the Dub Co. ISU Ext. & Outreach Office. Office phone # is (563) 583-6496 or you could email her at As far as nutrition ideas for students around the topic of gardening, eating healthy, there is a new 4-H Youth Development curric. soon to be unveiled (I think called?) "Connecting Learning & Living." Katie Peterson is our 4-H Youth Development Specialist & she, too, works out of the Dub. Co. ISU Ext. Office. She could provide you with more info. about possible curric that would be appropriate with your students, although don't know if she knows much yet about the new curric. as the trng. for it hasn't been held yet. (although is coming up in the near future) Katie's email address is: Best wishes, Cindy Baumgartner, Nutrition and Health Program Specialist serving a 9-county region of NE IA.