Why are canned pears turning brown?

Asked January 27, 2014, 12:07 PM EST

This past summer I canned quite a few pints of pears. The jars of pears are turning brown. I processed the fresh fruit in Fruit Fresh a short time before canning. Why are they turning brown and are they safe to eat? All the jars are sealed.

Klamath County Oregon

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. You didn't say how your processed your pears. If you used a water bath canner and processed them according to OSU/USDA recommendations and they are sealed they are safe to eat.

Your pears could be browning for a variety of reasons:
Raw pack pears brown more often than hot pack
If you store your pears in a light place they will tend to brown more
Might be an enzymatic reaction that sometime happens in pears. The pears turn a pinkish color and then with time brown. This has a lot to do with the growing season and there is nothing you can do. It doesn't always happen.
Fruit Fresh is great to keep the pears light color before canning but not really all that effective after they are heated.

If your pears were processed correctly and are still sealed they should be ok. If they becme soft and have an off odor then I wouldn't eat them. You brown pears can be blended with berries or other fruit and make a delightful fruit leather or you can slice them and dry them and you won't notice the browning.

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Nellie Oehler