Spraying herbicides on White tops and other invasive plants

Asked January 27, 2014, 8:36 AM EST

I'm wondering what chemical herbicides are used to spray on Whitetops and other invasive plant species in Routt County? I am concerned about possible contamination in the water supply for myself, my children and our community.

Thank you,

Nicole Olexa

Routt County Colorado

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Whitetop is sprayed with one of several different herbicides; often times it's up to the applicator which s/he thinks works best in a particular situation. In Colorado, anyone who sprays weeds as a contractor or as part of a business (read: non-landowner) has to undergo education and testing to apply herbicides, and they are well-versed in how to avoid water pollution in applying the products. While landowners do not have to undergo such testing to apply herbicides on their own property, most are very careful to follow the label so as to avoid any pollution of streams since their families and livestock use the same waterways as well.

Overall water quality in the Yampa Valley is very good. A Watershed Report focusing on water quality in the Yampa Valley is being produced right now, and it would appear that herbicide pollution is NOT a problem at this time. The final report should be available in 2014. Look in the Steamboat Today for local meetings about the watershed report; sub-basin meetings are happening right now. In fact, there is a meeting in Steamboat Springs today (Tuesday, 1/28) at Centennial Hall at 2pm should you be interested.

If you'd like to learn more about weeds, weed control, herbicide use, and more weed management techniques, consider attending the class offered 2/4-3/11 by Routt County Weed Supervisor Greg Brown. It meets Tuesdays from 1-3 at the Routt County Courthouse in Steamboat Springs. For information, call Greg at 870-5246.
Thanks for your question, and let us know if you have more.