Asked January 26, 2014, 5:11 PM EST

We planted several evergreen shrubs last September. We are now in mid-Winter, when daytime temperatures would typically be 5 F or colder, but we've been getting spells of 50 F and warmer, with sunshine, during the day (falling back well below freezing at night).
Would it be advisable to provide any water to the evergreen foliage at this time?
(The shrubs were well watered right up until the big freeze. The roots have been protected with shredded bark, and a burlap screen provides protection to some of the shrubs.)
We'd be very grateful for you advice.
Thanks very much.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Outside United States

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Probe down into the soil if possible and see if it feels moist. If it does no water is needed. If it doesn't feel moist, water if you can.

At night, the temperature goes well below freezing. And the warm weather is only in spells of about 5 days, the remainder of the time it is below freezing all day.
So the soil is frozen solid, and has been since mid November.
The problem arises with the completely frozen soil but warm sun intermittently playing onto the foliage.

About all you can do for that is consider wrapping evergreens that are getting full sun with a light colored fabric that will reduce transpiration. Another alternative is spraying an antitranspirant on the foliage. It blocks water loss to some extent. Evergreens that are in the shade shouldn't need anything.

Thanks for your help!!