Asked January 26, 2014, 4:31 PM EST

Do you have any info on aquaponics in SC. Like what fish do the best, what plants, how many etc. Thanks

Lexington County South Carolina

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Hello my name is Lance Beecher and at Clemson we are developing systems that will encompass aquaponic technology. Presently we are using tilapia as the main species, but others show potential. We will be using catfish later this spring and trying to establish a potential cool water candidate. As far as plants we are presently growing leafy greens and herbs, however there is a long list of plants that can be incorporated into a system. We are using leafy green because of limited space and quick turnaround. Our system here on campus id designed to produce about 50 heads of lettuce every two weeks. It is a small system but very productive. We are presently designing a few larger systems to get estimates of production and plan to have that completed by the end of March. I hope I have provided the necessary info you were looking for and don't hesitate to contact if additional info is needed. Have a good Day!