How do we get rid of stink bugs in the house?

Asked January 26, 2014, 12:27 PM EST

Our home has been over-run with Halyomorpha halys, better known as, stink bugs. Is there any way to rid our home of these? Someone told us to sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth around our window sills, etc. But my husband and I noticed that on the bag there is a warning about eye irritant with that product. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Last fall they were swarming our home and during the winter we see them everywhere inside.

Montgomery County Ohio

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Insecticides of any kind are not recommended for indoor stink bug control. Vacuuming up bugs is the recommended control once you have them indoors. Sealing cracks, mending ripped screens and blocking other access points is recommended for denying stink bug access to the home.

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On a side note, while diatomaceous earth can be used for some indoor pest issues, it is important to NEVER use pool filter grade diatomaceous earth indoors as it is a respiratory hazard.