using TX sage/cenizo as a hedge; best way?

Asked January 26, 2014, 12:11 PM EST

I purchased a TX sage (mealy) from a sale by the Native Plant club. I have a front hedge with that shrub that is an evergreen and boring. I live in Houston; the soil is deep black and sometimes difficult to dig into. I want to use the sage as an anchor in a TX native plant garden to draw butterflies and birds and good bugs. What is the best way to prepare the soil for a good start?

Harris County Texas

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The best way to prepare your beds is to add a 3" compost layer and work it in. The compost will help to improve the soil structure and nutrient level. After you plant, apply a 3" layer of mulch. The mulch will contribute organic matter over time and reduce watering since the beds will not dry out quickly.

Here is a link to the EarthKind landscape which has additional information that may be a help.

Thanks for the question.