We have several large breed dog and after years of trying we are ready to...

Asked January 26, 2014, 12:02 PM EST

We have several large breed dog and after years of trying we are ready to give up on our back yard grass. Short of re-sodding the entire yard I can't think of anything that will hold up to the wear and tear it receives. We've tried various lawn repair products, we've tried "rotating" the usage and it is almost a barren wasteland. When it rains it is terrible. We've thought of installing an in ground feces eliminator, but we're unsure of the effect on the environment. Any insight into lawn care ideas we can use are greatly appreciated

Baltimore Maryland

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You are not alone. Unfortunately there is no quick and easy answer. Multiple large dogs make growing grass pretty difficult. While we don't have a lot of scientific research to support it, we do have some ideas.
Take a look at turf protection fabrics/mesh. There are grid-like extruded plastics which you lay down over grass (preferably in the spring) and the grass grows up and through and is offered protection from heavy usage/traffic.
One of the turf specialists suggested that one of the best grasses for yards with dogs is Zoysia-Empire. It would need to be installed as sod in May and allowed to establish for 3-4 weeks before allowing the dogs out on it. Availability could be a problem. You can check with Maryland Department of Agriculture for a list of certified sod growers.
Artificial turf is another option to consider.