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Asked January 24, 2014, 6:19 PM EST

the european hazelnut trees i listed above how cold hardy are they? will they take freezing temps and not die ? mostly the caskins i am talking about or flowers.Because i know they bloom in the winter.I read online and talked to people and they say the flowers when dormant can take mins 20 and not die and mins 10 to 15 and not die when in full bloom ? My zone is 6 St.louis mo 63111, zone 6 temps are 0 to mins 10. this year was the first year in many yrs we got to mins 6 temps and in summer we are hot and humid.I was looking to buy these european filberts for nut production in my yard thanks Mark

St. Louis County Missouri

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European hazelnuts are hardy to zone 4 by most accounts. This means the roots can withstand temperatures between minus 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The flower buds are less and less hardy the more they open. Those temperatures you mentioned are in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. When the flowers are full open it doesn't take much below freezing to kill them. The goal is to get varieties whose flowers open later. See these publications for info about which ones bloom late: