Apple trees

Asked January 24, 2014, 4:40 PM EST

My son bought a house last fall and I am going to buy him 2 apple trees for his yard. It is between the Halared, Honeycrisp and the Sweet sixteen. Will they pollinate each other or not because I heard they were flowering group 4 self sterile trees. if so what do I need? How far apart should they be planted and should I get dwarf tree, I don't want it to get real tall so it is hard for him to pick the apples. any information will be helpfull. Do I keep in mind the type of root system? He lives in Breckenridge MN, so I think he has to have a zone 3 or 4 tree? Thanks for your time Brad Snyder

Wilkin County Minnesota

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These varieties will pollinate one another, so it's OK to plant any combination so long as more than one variety is present. These varieties are also readily available from many local as well as Internet sources. Most apple trees sold today are grown on dwarf or semi-dwarf stock. Plants obtained from reliable Minnesota sources should be adapted for growing here.

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Planting distance depends on the projected size of the mature tree. Dwarf trees require less planting distance than semi-dwarfs. For instance, allow 4-8 feet between trees on M-9 stock and 8-12 feet for M 26. Trees on seedling stock (full size) require 15-18 feet planting distance.

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