Robins in late January

Asked January 24, 2014, 4:30 PM EST

Why are we seeing Robins in one of the coldest winters in Michigan?

Livingston County Michigan birds migration robins

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While we call Robins the "harbinger of spring", they don't strictly migrate north and south like many other birds. Robins migrate more for food than season. The most tend to cluster around the freezing point weather front, but can be found north and south of it looking for food. In winter they eat berries and will stick around if it is abundant. While we've had artic fronts push south several times this year, the birds are moving up and down looking for an abundant food supply. Your trees fit the bill. They will stay near a food source until it pans out. Just enjoy them while they clean off your tree. More info about Robins wintering in the north -- even Canada: